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The CARE Campus! Collaboration, Action, Responsiveness, Engagement. A New vision that establishes the Golden Gate Academy campus as an epicenter of service, education, and witness for the community.

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We are making sustainable change in the bay area by equipping individuals with leadership skills.

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Our New Director

Cliff Wright Jr. is passionate about providing top-tier education and community services in state-of-the-art facilities to the people of Oakland and in the surrounding the Bay Area.

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Campus Revitalization

We have over 14 acres in the Oakland Hills! Our plan includes several partnerships to revitalize our campus, provide access to services and jobs, and ultimately be a home to our newly renovated school.

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GGA Learning Partnership

Our goal is to create a unique, exciting environment that embraces all types of learners and promotes growth both professionally and personally.

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New School Model

Combining the best practices from multiple educational structures and disciplines, we will open offering 6th-grade through 12th-grade, and adding grades K-5 in the following years.

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We’ve taken a grassroots approach to make our vision a reality. Anyone willing to help can contribute, and both large and small gifts are accepted to support this multimillion-dollar project.

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Our Community

Our community consists of several churches located across the East Bay, each of which is active within their own smaller community. We encourage you to visit one of them: Market Street, Elmhurst, Grand Advent, Immanuel Temple, San Leandro Spanish, Oakland Spanish, and Union City.

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Through Golden Gate Academy and the Golden Gate Academy Learning Partnership, students will learn the latest in technical expertise, and how to apply it both conceptually and practically. We aim to evolve our core competencies by focusing heavily on nurturing positive student-teacher relationships and using them as the foundation for our educational agenda. When students are taught by a facilitator they have a positive relationship with they are able to reach their full learning potential. We also focus on competency over content, unlike content, competency refers to the skills needed for living a successful life beyond the classroom. We use a uniquely structured mentoring approach, based on Seventh-day Adventist principles, educating the whole individual on the foundation of the story of redemption.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most necessary skills today’s students need to develop. Memorizing large amounts of content to pass tests does not inspire students to learn how to learn.

Students must learn how to communicate in a variety of ways. Extra emphasis placed on writing, public speaking and how to cultivate a following will help equip students with the necessary skills to achieve numerous goals in the workplace.

We have enhanced team assignments and alleviated the issue of unequal workloads by incorporating 360 peer reviews and applying collaboration opportunities to service projects more than academics.

Automation will not be a problem for students who are able to solve problems with creative thought and innovative imaginations. We feel that every student needs a “productive struggle” in their learning environment.

Traditional schools aim to steer students away from failure. However, our students are encouraged to fail early and fail often. STEM should be synonymous with innovation, and there is no innovation without trial and error.

We feel it is imperative to help students learn how to make a positive and impactful change in their community and within society. We are intentional about giving students a voice in their learning environment.

Students often have a particular perception towards math. We focus on linking math to effective decision making as well as developing values and ethics.

Success is determined by achieving goals. It is important for our students to understand SMART goals and to be given numerous projects to manage.

Students today lack resiliency and grit. We believe that passion, play, and purpose go a long way in instilling this needed trait in our students.

We want our students to know that they CAN make the world a better place and so we routinely incorporate service into our curriculum.

News & Announcements

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Attention Current and Aspiring Leaders!

Save the date! February 24th – 25th, 2019, Golden Gate Academy Learning Partnership and the Mentorship Institute are hosting their first annual Social and Emotional Leadership Conference!


Golden Gate Academy Expands Vision to Include Community Service Center

Plans have begun to locate a shared-space incubator dedicated to community service on the GGA campus. There is a need to engage our community and provide support for the families in Oakland. If you are interested in helping to positively impact your community through service and innovation, please join us!


Newsom’s Cradle-to-Career Plan is Ambitious

To improve educational outcomes, the former San Francisco mayor argues that the state needs to begin offering services in early childhood with interventions continuing throughout school and college. – EdSource

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The Five Pillars

Golden Gate Academy graduates students who understand, the question is not what will you do but who will you be? A character is defined by choices. Providing a school climate that supports the development of a strong character is an essential foundational pillar at Golden Gate Academy.


Golden Gate Academy provides development in our ten essential competencies: learning to learn, communicating effectively, collaboration, creative problem-solving, managing failure, effecting change in society, making sound decisions, managing projects and achieving goals, building perseverance determination, and leveraging passions and talents.

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Golden Gate Academy instills in its students a commitment to serve and actively support outreach efforts of our constituent churches, identifying ongoing service opportunities within the broader community it helps.


Golden Gate Academy implements a schedule designed to combine academic strengths of home-school, and the innovation found in student-driven learning within a facilitated project-based learning environment. Purposeful in developing empathic leaders and intentional about student’s voice.


Golden Gate Academy believes an essential component in sustainability is diversity. We are committed to achieving racial, economic, and religious diversity for our campus community.  We are unwilling to accept a campus just for students with means or limited to those without means.  A robust scholarship program is worked into the infrastructure of our school plan so that it is accessible to as many students as possible.


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