Community Builds Agency

We established the Golden Gate Academy CARES Initiative because we believe we are stronger together, collaboration. We believe there is a direct link between an Agile mindset and innovation, agency. We believe that leaders are developed through challenges and support, but they must take ownership of each decision made, responsibility. We believe that learning is the work of a lifetime and school is just one of the places it happens, education. We believe in diverse, inclusive collaboration within intergenerational environments and helping those less fortunate, service. Therefore, we established the Golden Gate Academy C.A.R.E.S., Collaboration, Agency, Responsibility, Education, Service!

Golden Gate Academy fosters connections between grassroots movements and organizations, health and wellness industries and our city’s entrepreneurial community of makers, educators, and innovators, not to mention investors who are eager to support new ideas. Golden Gate Academy is intentionally a 6th-12th grade Seventh-day Adventist school with a specially designed educational model that allows students to learn, teach and innovate with established and aspiring leaders of today. By galvanizing these connections, GGA ensures the development of an organic network for students and professionals with a shared desire that our community continues to grow, innovate and reduce barriers between those who want to serve and those who need service as well as those that want to learn and those that want to teach.

Olweus Anti-Bullying Training

Social and Emotional Leadership