Coworking & Opportunity

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The above picture is a design of what our initial learning space will be for our students. Our unique difference is the agency created through intergenerational team dynamics. Combining the 6th-12th-grade school of innovation within the same location as a coworking and incubator space provides experiential learning opportunities for the students and intergenerational collaboration for all. It also allows us to foster connections for our members to a worldwide network of universities, humanitarian organizations such as ADRA, and Adventist Health Care.

A school specifically designed to mentor and nurture the growth in both character and competency. A diverse, inclusive, high-achieving, Seventh-day Adventist school for students to observe and collaborate with a wide variety of professionals making a difference. The experiences and opportunities at Golden Gate Academy will cultivate students with up-to-date technical expertise, both conceptual and practical. Mentor-Student Relationships are the number one tool used to turn our core competencies into a way of life. The Seventh-day Adventist educational philosophy of educating the whole individual, their mind and heart, emphasizing character as well as career and the story of redemption will be the foundation.

The objective of having Christ as our foundation is to introduce students, not convert students and professionals to the practical principals Jesus taught which include love one another and treat others better than you are treated. These principles will be available to anyone regardless of religious beliefs.


If you are between the ages of 24-45 years old and are struggling to figure out the next chapter in life, we can help you figure it out. Do you think of yourself as an artist or like to design websites? Have you ever thought about creating the next Facebook? We are currently creating a community to support our efforts here at Golden Gate Academy. Contact us about how Career Karma and GGA can help.

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