Education is Beyond a School


Home School Students

Home Schooling allows for more in-depth learning and the ability to go deeper into content areas. Since we utilize a homeschool curriculum in our school Golden Gate Academy is an excellent place for parents that want to be in charge of the academic content but would like a consistent, safe place for their child to grow socially. Contact us today for more information about enrolling your homeschool child. Currently, we offer programming for ages 11-19.

Hybrid School Model

For families wanting something more than just a different approach to teaching. Our school is more than just an advanced social and emotional way of teaching. We also teach things that other schools find little time if any to focus on. We use a homeschool academic curriculum as our foundation. We then integrate Project management, finance, business, nutrition, and several other competencies. It's like having a homeschool that you drop your child off at each day! Consider enrolling your 6th-12th grader. Classes start in August 2020.

Gap Year

The new vocation is certification. It used to be that if you didn't know what you wanted to do many would go on to college and take five or six years to finish a for year degree. others might decide a meaningful, fulfilling career in law enforcement, auto mechanics or even the armed forces. However, now there are countless opportunities for young adults 18-19 years old that haven't found their calling just yet. We have a program that will allow students to get trained in specific areas of coding and project management and within eighteen months have a marketable skill where starting pay is over six-figures. Contact us today opportunities always available.

10 Grade