Educational Focus

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Both colleges and employers have expressed their discontent with the preparedness of students exiting the American educational system. Years of ineffective schooling has created a generation of students that are not only failing to rise to the economic mandate of education but also failing to meet the “true” purpose of education. It is our aspiration to create an educational structure that offers all students experience in and mastery of the following: how to access credible information (internet literacy, academic research/scholarship); analyze that information (comprehension of complex ideas, formulas); think critically about experiences that inform (apply logic & reasoning, creativity) and apply the information in a empathetic way that reflects Christian values and principles (real world application). Our goal is to operate a Seventh-day Adventist Academy of the highest caliber; characterized by individualized academic advancement, innovative leadership in teaching, experiential and project-based discovery opportunities and a focus on social and emotional learning.
Located just 40 minutes from Silicon Valley means many students and families will have access to opportunities in computer science and engineering. We are excited to take advantage of this niche as well as our clear access to the Adventist health careers pipeline at Loma Linda University and other partner institutions.