A Problem Worth Fixing

Education in the 21st century should be more than standardized testing and high marks for sitting still, following instructions and memorizing content. Limited time, if any is spent on teaching values, empathy, tolerance or the development of character. The definition of success has shifted from achieving one’s goals to winning at all costs, and if we do not change our education paradigm, we will have a world of selfish, unethical, polarized successful winners.


Attempts to solve this problem will continue to have minimal success by focusing on teachers, classrooms, and schools. Education is needed outside the school as much, if not more, than inside the classroom. Today data-driven, and standards-based, are not enough. Twenty-first-century training must focus on competency over content as well as character development. It must provide equitable, diverse experiences that encourage failure as a pathway to success. But most importantly must include training, services, and support for the community in which the education is taking place.

Purpose and Function

Our belief in Adventist education is twofold, concerning purpose and function. First, the purpose of Adventist education is the story of redemption as told through the core values of Adventism. Second, the function of Adventist education is to provide an opportunity for spiritual maturity through action. Our objective is to open a top-tier 6th-12th-grade institution with a focus character and on competency. We aim to be leaders in this redefined space.  Our community is richly diverse social economically, culturally and spiritually. By augmenting current community endeavors and being responsive to our diverse surroundings we create sustainability for the school, opportunities to serve for its stakeholders and revenue for student aid.

We are specifically designed to mentor and nurture the growth in both character and competency. A diverse, inclusive, high-achieving, and fiscally sound Seventh-day Adventist school. The experiences and opportunities at Golden Gate Academy CARES campus will cultivate students and families with up-to-date technical expertise, both conceptual and practical. Relationships will be the number one tool used to turn our core competencies taught into a way of life for each student. The Seventh-day Adventist educational philosophy of educating the whole individual and the story of redemption is our foundation.