A Vision Beyond School

Community Collaboration

Adventist education is suffering because of numerous reasons: the need to raise tuition costs, inaccurate perceptions of quality & rigor, mismanagement of resources, as well as being too heavily reliant on tuition. Currently, the national average to educate a child in public school is $13,600 a year. ($6,400 in Utah and $19,800 in New York). If our primary goal is to introduce students to Christ by preparing them as creative problem-solvers and innovators for our future society, then we must collaborate with our community by creating sustainable partnerships that generate revenue for our school and provide opportunities to serve and be served by the community. Our goal is to transform the GGA campus into the C.A.R.E. (Collaborative Active Responsive Engaging) campus. This approach will happen by utilizing our greatest asset, our land!




Updated Softball Field.

Updating the field to NCAA Division II requirements for softball will secure long-term use from our neighbors at Holy Names University, it will also allow for an increase in field rental revenue in the community where finding top quality fields of play are minimal in this area.


Relocation of Raskob Learning Institute.

The proposed plan would include relocating The Raskob Learning Institute from the Holy Names Campus to the Golden Gate Academy Campus. The potential both parties see as a win. The Raskob Learning Institute and Day School is a non-profit organization that serves the Bay Area community by providing services for students and adults with learning differences. The Institute is comprised of three Programs: the Day School, the Clinic, and the Diagnostic Program.

Raskob Day School is a Comprehensive Academic Program that serves bright students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, grades 3-8. The Clinic provides 1:1 Educational Therapy, and the Diagnostic Assessment program offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for students age 6 through adulthood. Having this partner on our campus would allow for our students to receive needed service and market our school to over 27 different counties in the Bay Area because that is currently where the Raskob


Senior Living

New Development

The need for quality senior living was identified in our community needs analysis. The potential partner specializes with most of its residences dedicated to individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related memory disorders.

This collaboration positions us as allies with the Oakland community for a much-needed ministry and would also provide an opportunity for our students to build intergenerational relationships enhancing their desire to serve. It would also allow us to generate revenue through the ASSIST program at Southern University and create exposure for our students desiring to pursue a career in healthcare.


Shared Space

Millennial-led Shared Space Community Incubator.

To have a sustainable school, we need sustainable families. The parents of our school tomorrow are the millennials of today. We want to tap into their passion for purpose. The Urban Center of Influence will serve as the outreach vehicle for The GGA Constituent churches. It will be run by millennials with the purpose of equipping families and growing our constituent churches by meeting the needs of the community.