School Model

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Educational Focus

Both colleges and employers have expressed their discontent with the preparedness of students exiting the American educational system. Years of ineffective schooling has created a generation of students that are not only failing to rise to the economic mandate of education but are also failing to meet the "true" purpose of education. It is our aspiration to create an educational structure that offers all students experience and mastery in the following:

  • how to access credible information (internet literacy, academic research/scholarship).
  • analyze information (comprehension of complex ideas, formulas).
  • think critically about experiences that inform (apply logic & reasoning, creativity).
  • apply information in an empathetic way that reflects Christian values and principals (real-world application)

Our goal is to operate a Seventh-day Adventist academy of the highest caliber; characterized by individualized academic advancement, innovative leadership in teaching, interdisciplinary assignments and projects using Agile with a focus on Social and emotional learning.

By being located in the Bay Area our students and families will have access to opportunities in computer science, software engineering. Additionally, they will also be able to take advantage of our clear path to the health care industry through our well-established institutions, Loma Linda University, and the Adventist Health Care System.

Who is the school for?

The first thing is to understand that education should not be confined to the classroom. Our hybrid model allows for flexibility and stability. It is great if you find yourself in one of the following categories:

  • Home school families looking for consistent safe spaces for their students to develop socially.
  • Students who want their academics to be tied directly to real-world problems now.
  • Parents who want to home school their student but do not feel qualified or have the time and/or materials.
  • Traditional students that are motivated to learn leadership and skillsets for jobs of today and tomorrow.
  • Kinesthetic learners
  • Students that don't want to wait until after college to become a professional.
  • Students that have been recipients of bullying behavior at other schools.
  • Students that do not like school!
  • Families that feel education should be more than content in books and that when their child leaves the school they are equipped with tools to help them thrive in life.


Students learn better in different environments. We want to help you choose the right fit.





Our schedule includes a block format as well as breakfast and lunch.





Our school model combines best practices from multiple structures and disciplines.