C.A.R.E. Campus

Our Thinking

Establish a state-of-art educational and community-service epicenter. Designed around collaboration, action, responsiveness, and engagement with the purpose of helping people become the best versions of themselves and serve as change agents in Oakland, the bay area and their respective communities!

Our Purpose

Our plan includes strategic partnerships that position our campus in a way that allows us to serve the community in a variety of practical ways beyond a school.

Desired Outcome

Become a beacon of light for the Oakland community. We want to model what we see as truly Christ-like (Christian) behavior: Showing love and compassion regardless, and sharing our resources in a way that equips people to help themselves and others.

Join the Mission

Our Mission: To equip individuals in leadership, so they can use those skills to facilitate positive change in their community.



Legacy Leadership | Professional Certifications | Project Management

Legacy is often discussed after someone passes or retires so we forget it is determined by the choices we make in life now.
We are making sustainable change in the bay area by equipping individuals with leadership skills. This helps them make better choices so they can become change agents in their community


Anti-Bullying Training | Health & Wellness | Skills Building

While we are working on plans for a completely renovated campus we like to say "the education starts before the buildings are built". Currently, we are offering several workshops and growth opportunities, some on-site and others on location.



The fracture in safe. loving, high-quality services created in 2007 when Golden Gate Academy closed has yet to be repaired. The Oakland community needs a school that prepares this generation of students for jobs not even thought of yet and a risen savior soon to return. For the past 95 years, the Adventist church has been a beacon of light in this community. Several offers to purchase the property were declined and the land retained because the desire to serve this community is our mission and purpose.

The need still exists for a top quality Adventist entity in the Oakland area to provide innovation as a practical way towards understanding the gift of salvation.

The new C.A.R.E. campus is designed to; address the issues plaguing the current educational system, bring much-needed services back to Oakland, and create new opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.